Get a peek at what's inside the first few chapters!

Includes helpful information for starting your non-diet journey and four bonus trainings to help with healthy eating, workouts and motivation!

Hear from ladies who tried it...

“Learning from Chardét is one of the most rewarding experiences!  

It’s a life lesson on how to live an active and healthy lifestyle not concentrated on weight but on nourishing and strengthening your body, and most of all having fun while doing it.  

I would not hesitate for a second to do it all over again!"


"It gives you all the tools you need"

"Working with Char on The Rio Project has been amazing, she has been an incredible guide. Her workouts are tough-but always manageable and they leave you with a feeling of achievement.

The recipes are totally delicious - I thought back in week one that I would be spending hours in the kitchen cooking up all these amazing dishes, but I didn't need to worry as they are all simple to prep and with quite minimal cooking time-what's not to love?

I highly recommend Char and The Rio Project to anybody - already passing on the info to my friends and family.

Thank you Char, your dedication to supporting others is second to none!"

-Paula (UK)

"You feel like you're working out with a friend!"

"Even with an injury and low motivation, I felt like I could do it and didn't want to give up. There are so many ways to personalize this program to your level!

Char is very professional and knowledgeable to help in the video tutorials."

-Julie (Australia)

"This program goes so much deeper than fitness and nutrition!"

"Chardét is an incredible, dedicated coach that has helped me tremendously. Her program is complete, it doesn't only focus on fitness and nutrition.

With her help, I have conquered stress eating and I feel much happier and in control of my emotions. Her amazing workouts are now part of my routine and I have learned how to make good choices regarding nutrition.

The Rio Project is a life changer and I will be forever grateful to Chardét for her support. Obrigada!"

-Tati (CANADA)

"Lessons to finally get past dieting but still feel healthy!"

"Chardét was a huge help! Her program was a lifestyle program where I've learned how to support my fitness goals without dieting. Most importantly Chardét has lessons to help support you through roadblocks!"

-Nikita ( USA)

"It feels good and already seeing the results."

"I joined the Rio project and I am over the moon with my decision, it exceeded any expectations I had.

What I love about this method is that it is based on long term goals, rather than a quick fix, creating new habits and mindset so that you create a healthy sustainable lifestyle that feels good to you.

I have an exercise regime that feels good on my body and I am already seeing the results. My nutrition is so much more varied and aligned with my goals and I now love to cook, before it was always a chore!

I love trying and exploring new recipes and am finally feeling more energetic and strong. I can’t THANK YOU enough Chardét!"

- Lou (Spain)

"It helped me get back on track without obsessing."

"Chardét has been amazing. The Rio Project helped me to get back on track with healthy food and exercises. I really enjoyed the programme with workout videos that make you feel like you've exercised everything but in a low-impact way. Thank you very much!"

- Gladys (UK)

"You get sustainable results!"

"Chardét was a fantastic support. I would recommend anyone sign up to her Rio Project as you will get results if you work hard & follow her tips."

-Kerry (UK)