Chardét Ryel

Author of The 7 Steps to Feel Good Naked Book

& Founder of Corpão Fitness

Certified Behavior Change Specialist | Non-Diet Nutritionist | NASM Personal Trainer

As a Brazilian-American with the traditional latin body, my journey began nearly 20 years ago...doing everything the WRONG way, trying to change my genetics with extreme exercise and dieting...

For 7 of those years, I calorie counted, I macro tracked, I exercised like my life depended it. Eventually I even reached my goal weight. BUT it felt nothing like I had hoped and my new obsession became maintaining that weight.

One day I had enough and began to search for nutrition and fitness answers beyond the mainstream of "diet and work out hard." I knew I needed to heal years of body shame and an unbalanced relationship with food.

It took me some time, but I finally found another path - one that didn't involve hating my body or missing out on all the joys of life to look a certain way. I left my corporate job and began my mission to spread a new, kinder approach to health and fitness to other women.

In the 9 years since, my coaching has taken me around the world, working with women of every age and fitness level. I've shown them how to pursue health without all the restrictions, guilt and fear of dieting.

These lessons are now pulled into one easy-to-read book that shows you it all, The 7 Steps to Feel Good Naked...Body Confidence & Health without dieting.

I continue to work with clients through my company Corpão Fitness, which you can read more about here.